Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cheap ICT Products


Get original brand new BB, laptops, Ipad 2, Iphones and etc @ the cheapest rate; in just 7 working days. Buy 5 @ 10% discount.

ITEMS Capacity       NEW                  USED
Ipad 2 64GB    N90,000        N80,000
Ipad 2 32GB           N85,000         N75,000
Ipad 2 16GB    N78,000        N70,000
Ipad        62GB    N70,000              N65,000
Ipad        32GB    N68,000        N60,000
Ipad        16GB    N64,000        N58,000
Iphone 4 64GB    N68,000        N62,000
Iphone 4 32GB    N65,000           N48,000
Iphone 4 16GB    N58,000        N40,000
BB playbook                N78,000           N65,000
BB Torch 9800    N60,000        N58,000
Bold - 9550             N45,000        N35,000
Bold - 9000             N28,000        N20,000
Bold - 9630                 N48,000        N38,000
Curve - 8900             N30,000        N22,000
Storm -9700             N32,000        N21,000
Storm -9500             N35,000        N28,000
Nokia N8             N58,000        N40,000
Nokia X6             N50,000           N38,000
Nokia E7             N42,000        N30,000

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of what I can get for you. You can place an order for the exact brand and model you want and in 2-5 working your goods will be available at your doorstep via courier or I deliver myself (for Lagosians). these prices are for brand new original phones and are subject to negotiations if you are buying more than one. All payments should be made to GTB, BASSEY OKOKON EKOM, 0013495865. Afterwards, send payment details and product specifications to 07033146262 or for confirmation and prompt service delivery. I really look forward to getting your purchase order. Thank You & God Bless!

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